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Thomas Sydney Lister

 BORN 24 September 1840 at Sydney, NSW.

NSW Birth Record V1840211 24A/1840

 BAPTISED 20 October 1840 at St Philip’s Sydney by Rev. Wm Cowper.
 DIED 8 May 1920, suddenly whilst sitting by the fire in Orange. Link 

NSW Death Record 9910/1920

 BURIED Orange General Cemetery, NSW.
 FATHER John Hardman Lister (1803-1850)
 MOTHER Susanna Pymble (1806-1889)
 MARRIED Emily Australia Tom (1856-1938) on 24 September 1879 at Wesleyan Chapel, Guyong NSW, by Rev J A Nowlan

NSW Marriage Record 4332/1879

 CHILDREN   Annie Una Lister (1880-1919)
Ida Elder Pymble Lister (1881-1955)
Fanny Ina Lister (1883-1961)
Emily Olive Lister (1885-1973)
Katie Maud Lister (1886-1973)
Pansy Ruperta Lister (1888-1893)
Lucy Lina Amy Lister (1891-1891)
John Hardman Australia Lister (1892-1958)
Sidney Harold Tom Lister (1895-1918)
Norman Lyal Lister (1899-1976)
Clarice Ethelwyn Lister (1901-1982)


The death occurred at his residence, Moulder-street, on Saturday morning, of Mr Thomas Sydney Lister, at the age of 79 years, the immediate cause being an epileptic fit. The deceased, who has been residing in Orange for some years, leaves a widow and grown-up family. The funeral will take place this morning, the remains to be interred in the Methodist portion of the Orange cemetery.  

My mother told me that, driving along a country road in their cart, her father seemed to say the same thing to everyone who passed — Good day Tom, but she realised what he was really saying was Good day to you. From my short memory of him, and from all I have ever heard of him, he was a loveable, kindly, unselfish, unambitious, humble family man. Poor as a church mouse, but would give you anything he had. The idea of him being a farmer and grazier is a bit far fetched. I understand he was just a subsistence, struggle farmer. He might have had 50 sheep and a couple of cows, and grown a few vegetables, but they were close to the bread-line. He finished his days in Day St, Marrickville. (RHC and SMH contradict this).

I never remember my grandmother with a lopsided face. She did have a fall or something at Thirroul, and I have seen a photo of her in bed. But I was not there then.

Thora, Hope, and June Lister: These three formidable cousins have conferred by phone and decided that grandfather Tom Lister’s farm was at Cargo, an insignificant spot about 30 miles SE of Orange, not far from Mt Canobolas and therefore very cold. Hope says our mother told her that the sheep used to walk round in circles to keep a spot clear of snow for themselves, and, in the morning, she used to help her father find them. A kind of snow cave? Snow fall was measured in feet, not inches. Canobolas is 4576ft.
     —Milton Crawshaw  [2003]

Thora Glasson got in touch with Mary Phillips, who years ago took her to see Woodstock. Mary says the name has changed to Coffee Hills. The area is or was called Paling Yard Creek. The last time she saw it there was only rubble left. People had taken anything useful, but some fruit trees remained. Mary left the area in 1967. She says it is now a vineyard. Paling Yard Creek is on the right side about 10 miles from Orange towards Canobolas, near Cargo.

     —Hope Crawshaw

RHC remembers that her mother, as a girl, lived in a house built of logs, wall-papered on the inside with newspaper. Dot used to lie in bed reading the ancient newspapers on the wall!

In retirement, they lived at 32 Day Street, Marrickville, where they had a spare block for their animals and vegetables. From here their son Sid went off to the Great War. Subsequently they moved to Orange.

T.S.Lister holding grand-daughter Charity,
July 1912.

Three daughters chat.


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