Fanny Ina Lister

 BORN 6 September 1883 in Byng, NSW.

NSW Birth Record 28787/1883

 DIED  10 December 1961 in Cammeray, Sydney, NSW. Link 
 BURIED Macquarie Cemetery, Sydney, NSW
 FATHER Thomas Sydney Lister (1840-1920)
 MOTHER Emily Australia Tom (1856-1938)
 MARRIED Conrad Kraushaar (1885-1966) in Orange, NSW, on 18 February, 1910.

NSW Marriage Record 2347/1910

 CHILDREN   Ina Charity Crawshaw (1911-2015)
Milton Alfred Lister Crawshaw (1912-2016)
Audrey Joy Crawshaw (1915-2012)
Rosa Hope Crawshaw (1918-)
Una Faith Crawshaw (1920-2016)

Dental assistant; Shop Assistant; Home Duties

According to RHC, her mother grew up in a log cabin that was wall papered on the inside with newspaper. Dot lay in bed reading the stale news on the wall.

According to Bess Glasson, Aunt Dot was a maid to John Glasson’s first family, for which she was paid 6d a week.

Dot became bookkeeper to A Kraushaar & Sons, but how did she start work there and meet CC? A plausible theory is that Dot’s sister Ollie married Charlie Moulder in 1907 in Sydney. Their first child Randolph was born in 1907 and second child Edward in Dec 1908. Dot may have travelled to Sydney to visit Ollie and seen the July 1908 ad in SMH for girls from respectable addresses wanted by A Kraushaar & Sons. Con and Dot were married 18 months later.

During her Thirroul years, Dot was a very close friend of Nurse Margaret Taylor.

Con, Dot & Dodge truck.

Con, Dot & family, c1937. (Photo by Eric Brown.)

Faith, Hope, Joy, Milton & Charity.

Dot eating breakfast on holiday.

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