Emily Australia Tom

 BORN 29 March 1856 at Byng, near Orange NSW, at 6.30 a.m.
 DIED 18 June 1938 at Orange, NSW. Link 

NSW Death Record 10210/1938

 BURIED Orange General Cemetery, NSW.
 FATHER John Tom (1820-1895)
 MOTHER Ann Elder (1821-1902)
 MARRIED Thomas Sydney Lister (1840-1920) on 24 September 1879 at Wesleyan Chapel, Guyong NSW, by Rev J A Nowlan

NSW Marriage Record 4332/1879

 CHILDREN   Annie Una Lister (1880-1919)
Ida Elder Pymble Lister (1881-1955)
Fanny Ina Lister (1883-1961)
Emily Olive Lister (1885-1973)
Katie Maud Lister (1886-1973)
Pansy Ruperta Lister (1888-1893)
Lucy Lina Amy Lister (1891-1891)
John Hardman Australia Lister (1892-1958)
Sidney Harold Tom Lister (1895-1918)
Norman Lyal Lister (1899-1976)
Clarice Ethelwyn Lister (1901-1982)

Emily Australia Tom was educated at Methodist Ladies’ College, Burwood, apparently at her grandfather’s expense. She and Thomas Sydney Lister, who married in the Wesleyan Chapel in Guyong NSW (near Byng), had 11 children. They farmed at Woodstock near Cargo which is some 35 km SW of Orange on the Canowindra road, close to Mount Canobolas—a very cold part of the country. [The name of the property is said to have changed to Coffee Hills and to be a vineyard. The homestead has long been a ruin. The area is or was called Paling Yard Creek, on the right side about 10 miles from Orange.]

In retirement, they lived at 32 Day Street, Marrickville, where they had a spare block for their animals and vegetables. This is where they were when their son Sid went off to the Great War. Subsequently they moved to Orange.

In widowhood, Emily lived in Orange with her sisters but, to escape the cold, wintered with the Crawshaws in Thirroul.

Emily Tom/Lister in bed after wrist fracture.

Headstone, Orange Cemetery (Lucy underneath).

Three daughters chat.

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