Robert Pymble

 BORN 1783 in Herefordshire, England.
 BAPTISED 28 July 1783 at Hentland, Herefordshire, England.
 DIED 6 January 1861 at Lane Cove, NSW (Dropsy). Link 

NSW Death Record 1808/1861

 BURIED 8 January 1861 in St Thomas’s cemetery, North Sydney, NSW. Link 
 FATHER Philip Pymble (1739-1814)
 MOTHER Mary Watkins (1751-1803)
 MARRIED Mary Jenison (1790-1823) in 1808 in London, England.
 CHILDREN   Ann Pymble (c1809-1847)
Jane Pymble (c1810-1892)
William Pymble (c1813-1849)
James Pymble (c1815-1872)
George Pymble (c1817-1820)
Eliza Pymble (c1820-1902)
Robert Pymble jnr (c1821-1910)

Robert Pymble was a silk weaver who emigrated (with wife and six children) from Herefordshire in 1821 aboard the Marshall of Wellington.

In 1823 Mary died and was one of the first to be buried in St. John’s churchyard at Parramatta.

Land was first granted by Governor Bourke to Robert Pymble in 1821 for capturing a bushranger. Robert and his children moved in 1826 to the area which now bears his name (now a northern suburb of Sydney). His homestead was built by convicts in his care.

The Pymbles originally logged and saw-milled the native wood from their property for the construction of Sydney. After the land was cleared, they cultivated an orchard which existed until the arrival of the railway in 1890 when subdivision into residential blocks commenced.

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