Mary Watkins

 BORN 1744 in Ballingham, Herefordshire, England.
 DIED 12 March 1801 in Hentland.
 MARRIED Philip Pymble (1739-1814) on 26 February 1771 at St Michael's, Gloucester.
 CHILDREN   Hannah Pymble (1772-1846)
Phillip Pymble jnr (1773-1832)
Robert Pymble (1776-1861)
Mary Pymble (1778-185x)
Sarah Pymble (1780-1798)
Ann Pymble (1782-)
Jane Pymble (1784-<1861)
William Pymble (1787-)
Alice Pymble (1789-1859)

The Watkins family members were stonemasons in Hereford and Hentland.

It’s quite interesting that five children of Philip and Mary went to live in Whitechapel. They are reasonably easy to track because they were often witnesses at one another’s weddings — Jane married George Moore & they had 47 acres of market gardens at Greenwich employing 10 men & 5 women. Ann & William never married. William, before he died, was a lodger at a pub with the name of The Bride & Bridegroom. William & Hannah were witnesses at Jane’s wedding, and Robert & Mary Pymble (née Jamieson) at Hannah’s before they left for Australia after getting all their children baptised at Whitechapel. Hannah’s husband James Key was a witness at the wedding of Captain John Lister & Susannah Pymble.
— Margaret Hardwick

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