Philip Pymble

 BORN 16 December 1739 in Herefordshire, England.
 BAPTISED 23 December 1739 in Ballingham, Herefordshire.
 DIED 3 February 1814 in Hentland, Herefordshire.
 BURIED 6 February 1814 in Hentland.
 FATHER Robert Pimble (1702-)
 MOTHER Maria Dallow (1709-)
 MARRIED Mary Watkins (1744-1801) on 26 February 1771 at St Michael’s, Gloucester.
 CHILDREN   Hannah Pymble (1772-1846)
Phillip Pymble jnr (1773-1832)
Robert Pymble (1776-1861)
Mary Pymble (1778-185x)
Sarah Pymble (1780-1798)
Ann Pymble (1782-)
Jane Pymble (1784-<1861)
William Pymble (1787-)
Alice Pymble (1789-1859)


It’s quite interesting that five children of Philip and Mary went to live in Whitechapel. They are reasonably easy to track because they were often witnesses at one another’s weddings — Jane married George Moore & they had 47 acres of market gardens at Greenwich employing 10 men & 5 women. Ann & William never married. William, before he died, was a lodger at a pub with the name of The Bride & Bridegroom. William & Hannah were witnesses at Jane’s wedding, and Robert & Mary Pymble (née Jamieson) at Hannah’s before they left for Australia after getting all their children baptised at Whitechapel. Hannah’s husband James Key was a witness at the wedding of Captain John Lister & Susannah Pymble.
— Margaret Hardwick

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