Phillip Pymble jnr

 BORN 1774 in Hoarwithy, Herefordshire, England.
 BAPTISED 6 March 1774 in St Dubricius, Hentland, Herefordshire, England.
 DIED 27 August 1832
 BURIED 30 August 1832 in Hentland, Herefordshire, England.
 FATHER Philip Pymble (1739-1814)
 MOTHER Mary Watkins (1751-1803)
 MARRIED Susannah White (1773-1851) on 18 May 1803 at Dewchurch, Herefordshire, England.
 CHILDREN   Mary Pymble (1804-1845)
 Susannah Pymble (1806-1889)
 Thomas Pymble (1811-1888)
 Ann Pymble (bpt 7 December 1813)

Summary of Will:
Will of Philip PYMBLE of Hoarwithy in the parish of Hentland, Surveyor & Tithe Agent
Will dated 14 Apr 1831Probate granted 28 Nov 1833
Executors & trustees: Kedgwin Hoskins of Strickstenning, Herefordshire, Esquire & Theophilus Lane of the City of Hereford, Gent.
The trustees are to sell the whole estate as soon as possible and divide as follows
1. to pay any debts.
2. to divide the remainder into 2 equal moieties. Out of the first moiety, to invest £50.
The interest is to be used for the support of Susannah Penner, the daughter of my daughter Mary Pymble.
The capital is to be paid to Susannah at age 21 or marriage.
The remainder of the first moiety is to be divided equally between any children I may have when they reach age 21 or marriage, whichever is sooner.
The second moiety is to be invested to provide income for my dear wife (unnamed).
Testator signed the document. Witnesses: Joseph Ransom (s) Hoarwithy, Dissenting Minister, W.E. Ball (s) Hereford, attorney, & Alfred Meredith (s) Hereford, his clerk.
Probate granted 10 Jul 1833 to Theophilus Lane & 4 Dec 1833 to Kedgwin Hoskins. Under £2,000.

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