Mary Pymble

 BAPTISED 26 February 1804 at Hentland, UK.
 DIED 1845 in Hereford. Link 
 FATHER Philip Pymble jnr (1773-1832)
 MOTHER Susannah White (1773-1851)
 MARRIED Charles Hook (1809-1890) on 26 February 1835 in Hentland, Herefordshire.
 CHILDREN   Susannah Penner (1828-)
 Jane Hook (1836-1909) (not married)
 Charles Wesley Hook (1838-)  Link 
 Ann Mary Hook (1842-)  Link 
 Jabez Philip Hook (1845-1845)

The 1841 census shows Mary married to Charles Hook (cooper) who eventually has a grocer shop.
Mary & Charles were married 1835
Daughter Jane (1836-1909) eventually ends up with the grocer shop but never marries
Son Charles Wesley who gets married and has his own grocer shop and descendants
Daughter Ann Mary 1841 marries William Parlby—4 children
Son Jabez dies with Mum 1845
Eldest daughter Susanna Penner does live with them as a daughter but eventually goes to London. I haven't tracked whether Penner is a married name or what becomes of her as yet. I know I have the right family because 9 year old niece Elizabeth Lister is living with them in the 1841 census as well as Susanna.
After Mary dies, Charles marries Charlotte Pritchard in 1845. Charlotte dies and he marries Mary Roberts in 1854 who hails from Wales so Charles moves to Wales as a Methodist preacher and leaves Jane to run the grocer shop. This is roughly what I am tracking through the censuses 1841-51-61-71-81-91-1901 and backing up with BMDs. [May 2010]
— Margaret Hardwick

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