John Thurtell

 BORN about 1705.
 DIED 1769 at Norfolk, England
 FATHER John Thurtell (1680-1729)
 MOTHER Alice Balls (-1735)
 MARRIED Elizabeth … in about 1730
 CHILDREN   John Thurtell (c1731-1772)
Elizabeth Thurtell (c1734-)
Sarah Thurtell (c1736-)
James Thurtell (1737-1801)

John Thurtell was a barber in Trowse Newton, Norfolk in the time before barbers and surgeons split into separate guilds in 1745. Afterwards he was a prosperous periwig maker in Norwich and Trowse Newton, Norfolk, England. His properties in Norwich passed to the use of his widow and afterwards jointly to his children, while those in Trowse Newton, where he lived, passed to his eldest son John. He also held a part freehold and part copyhold property in Hempnall, Norfolk, which passed to his second son James.

Transcript of Will
This is the Last Will and Testament of me John Thurtell of Trowse Newton in the County of Norfolk Periwigg maker. First I give and Devise to Elizabeth my Wife All these my Messuages Lands Tenements and Hereditaments whatsoever situate lying and being in Boarstreet in the City of Norwich To Hold to her the said Elizabeth for and during the Term of her natural Life she keeping the same in good and Tenantable Repair and committing no Waste thereupon And from and immediately after her Decease I give and Devise the said Messuages, Lands Tenements Hereditaments & Premisses unto John, James, and Sarah my Children to be equally divided between them & their Heirs as Tenants in Common and not as Joint Tenants. Item I give and devise to the said James my Son Alland every my Messuages, Lands Tenements & Hereditaments whatsoever situate lying and being in Hempnall in the County of Norfolk aforesaid To Hold to him the said James my son and his Heirs forever Upon Condition nevertheless that the said James my Son & his Heirs do and shall well & truly pay or cause to be paid unto my said Son John or his Assignes for and during the Term of his natural Life one Moiety or half part of the Rents Assises and Profits of the said mentioned Premises (after deducting all out goings and for the Repair of the said Premises) The same to be paid to the said John my Son or his Assigns by half Yearly payments, and I do hereby Authorize Inpower and Devise my Executrix and Executors herein afornamed and the survivor and survivors of them to Raise and take out of my personal Estate as soon as conveniently can be after my Decease the Sum of Fifty Pounds and just place and continue the same out of Interest for the Purposes hereinafter mentioned (upon such security as they shall think proper) And the Interest arising therefrom I will and Desire my said Wife to Receive and take to her own proper Use before and during her Natural Life And from and after her Decease It is my Will & Desire that the Survivor and Survivors of my said Executors shall expend and Pay out the Interest arising from the said Fifty Pounds in the Maintenance & bringing up of my Grandson John Bayner until he shall Arrive at his Age of Twenty one and when the said John Bayner shall attain his said Age of Twenty one years I Give and bequeath to him the said Sum of Fifty Pounds. Item all the rest residue and remainder of my personal Estate of what nature or hindsoever I give and bequeath to the said Elizabeth my Wife (She paying all my just Debts Funeral Expenses of the probate and execution of this my Will. Lastly I nominate constitute and appoint the said Elizabeth my Wife Executrix and my said Sons John and James Executors of this my Will hereby revoking and making void all former and other Wills by me at any time heretofore made In Witness whereof I the said John Thurtell have to this my last Will and Testament contained in Two Sheets of Paper to the first Sheet thereof set my Hand and to the last my Hand and Seal this seventh day of September In the Year of our Lord one Thousand seven Hundred and sixty seven.

John Thurtell Signed Sealed Published and declared by the said John Thurtell as and for his last Will and Testament in the presence of us who in his presence and at his request have subscribed our Names as Witnesses H.Machot, Samuel Pochoy[?], Wm.Foster Junr.

Septr 4th 1784

Exd by me Wm [?signature illegible] Not.Publ. March 20th 1769 Mr John Thurtell & Mr James Thurtell his two Executors within named (Power being reserved for the Executrix to be Sworn &c) were then Sworn in due form of Law before me Frs.Frank LLB

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