James Thurtell

 BORN 19 January 1737 at Norwich, Norfolk, England.
 DIED 19 January 1801 at Blundeston, Suffolk, England
 BURIED Blundeston Church.
 FATHER John Thurtell (c1705-1769)
 MOTHER Elizabeth …
 MARRIED 1 Winifred Nunn (c1740-1795)
 CHILDREN   Had 16 children, nine of whom survived childhood.
Sarah Thurtell (c1759-1818)
James Thurtell (c1760-1765)
John Thurtell (1762-1846)
Thomas Thurtell (1765-1846)
Elizabeth Thurtell (1767-1769)
James Thurtell (1769-1770)
James Thurtell (1770-1831)
Elizabeth Thurtell (c1772-1801)
George Thurtell (1775-1775)
Ann Thurtell (1776-1842)
George Thurtell (1777-1778)
George Thurtell (c1780-1781)
Sophia Thurtell (1781-1781)
Charlotte Thurtell (1782-1861)
George Thurtell (c1784-1854)
Sophia Thurtell (c1786-)
 MARRIED 2 Elizabeth Atkinson (1747-1823) on 2 May 1797 at Norwich Cathedral, Norfolk, England.

Winifred Nunn married James Thirtell (later Thurtell) on the 7 December 1758 at St. Ethelreda Church, Norwich. He was a single man of St. Julian Parish and she, a single woman of St. Etheldreda Parish, both in Norwich. The witnesses were Mary Chandler and Sarah Thurtell.

Sometimes referred to as James Blundeston Thirtell. Three of James and Winifred Thurtell’s children married three Brownes of Sparrow’s Nest Lowestoft, on the same day in 1787, at Blundeston Church:

John m. Anne Browne
Thomas m. Susanna Browne
Sarah m. Rob Browne

Three sets of tea bowls and saucers (cups without handles) were presented to the three brides on their wedding day by the Lowestoft China Works. (Helen Kernick has one white and gold, and one blue and gold cup and saucer.)

Thomas, the 2nd son, was three times mayor of Norwich. [My Ain Folk, M.E.Shearing]

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