Annie Paull

 BORN 1826 at Breage, Cornwall, England.
 DIED 28 April 1918 at Mosman, NSW.

NSW Death Record 5216/1918

 BURIED 30 April 1918 in Carcoar Cemetery, NSW
 FATHER John Paull
 MOTHER Martha Simmons
 MARRIED Henry Glasson (1826-1891) on 15 April 1853 at Breage, Cornwall, England. Link 
 CHILDREN   Annie Elizabeth Glasson (1864-1948)
John Henry Glasson (1854-1944)
Henry Glasson (1855-1941)
Joseph Frederick Glasson (1857-1910)
Robert Gustavus Glasson (1858-1942)
William Glasson (1860-1861)
Richard Glasson (1860-1861)
Mary Glasson (1861-1928)
Edwin Herbert Glasson (1868-1893)

In the murder trial of her son Bertie, evidence was given that Annie suffered periods of insanity. One Giblin Everett stated that this had been a problem when they lived in Cornwall, and was a reason the Glassons left Cornwall. [SMH 21 October 1893]

Annie died in Sydney and her body was carried on the 7.55 (pm) train from Sydney Central on 29 April to Carcoar for burial. [SMH 29 April 1918]

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