Edwin Herbert Glasson

 KNOWN AS   Bertie
 BORN 1868 in Carcoar, NSW.

NSW Birth Record 8114/1867

 DIED 29 November 1893
Hanged at Bathurst Gaol, NSW.

NSW Death Record 3183/1893

 BURIED 29 November 1893 in C of E section, Bathurst Cemetery.
 FATHER Henry Glasson (1826-1891)
 MOTHER Annie Paull (1826-1918)
 MARRIED Annie May Collette Summerbell (1867-1949) on 18 January 1893 at St Joseph's church, Woollahra, NSW.

NSW Marriage Record 7597/1893

 CHILD Noëla Beatrice Myee Ewart Glasson (1894-1945) (m. Kenneth Slessor)

SMH of 27 September 1893 said:
Mr. D. C J. Donnelly, one of the members for Carcoar, has known Herbert Glasson ever since he was a child. Glasson was very friendly with Mr. Donnelly's family until about two years ago, when they lost sight of him, and did not see him again until a day ago. Mr. Donnelly knows the Glasson family very well. He stated that he knew the accused’s father, Henry Glasson, and everyone connected with him. I would say this, said Mr. Donnelly to a reporter of the Herald last night, if the district with which I am connected was polled Herbert Glasson would be the last man suspected of anything of the kind. He belongs to a family who are strong Wesleyans, and they are respectable, good citizens, and always willing to advance anything connected with the welfare of the district. I cannot in any way account for this strange affair. said Mr. Donnelly. Herbert Glasson was in my house on Monday, after an absence of about two years, and was received hospitably in my place, as was usual. He had all the appearance of being as sane as I am at the present moment. Half an hour after leaving Mr. Donnelly’s house Glasson was arrested. Mr. Donnelly says he has no reason to suppose that there has ever occurred anything in the career of Glasson to lead him to think that the man was insane. It appears in the early days the Glassons, the Hawks, the Thoms, and others, all Cornish people formed a settlement near Orange. They were drawn to that spot by the discovery of minerals. According to Mr. Donnelly, they were a hard-working, plodding, industrious lot of people who would be accepted anywhere. Richard Glasson is a very old magistrate and all the members of the family are thoroughly respectable. Speaking of the man who has been arrested Mr. Donnelly said Glasson was very popular about the district, he has an open, good, honest-looking countenance, and is well behaved.

Bathurst Free Press said:
The man charged with this awful crime is 26 years of age. He is the youngest son of the late Henry Glasson, of Stanfield. His family is one of the most respected and best known in the Carcoar district. He has four brothers and two sisters, all of whom are comfortably settled in the district. About eight months ago Bertie married a Sydney lady, and came to live in Carcoar. He rented a beautiful residence, Highfield, near the township, formerly occupied by Mr. Dodd. Although Highfield was beautifully furnished and apportioned, the tenant did not live there very long, but occupied quarters, at Kenworthy’s hotel when at home. He and his wife spent a considerable amount of time in the Metropolis; the Hotel Metropole being their favorite resort. In his speculations he was not successful, and more than once got into monetary difficulties from which he was relieved by members of his family. Very recently he entered into a butchering business in Carcoar with two brothers named Furner; members of this family having at one time occupied Highfield, while he was in possession. The business did not prove a great success, and in order to recover a liability due to the City Bank, the authorities took proceedings against him, and the business was sold on the day preceding the perpetration of the murders. Bertie Glasson is well-known in the district, having been born at Stanfield, and received his early education in the township. He was a favorite in the family, and also with a large circle of friends both locally, in Bathurst, and Sydney. He was an admirer of good horseflesh, and always had well-bred horses in his possession. He was an athlete of no mean order, and was sought after in the field.    Link 

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SMH of 14 November 1893 said:


Two of Glasson’s brothers had an interview with the condemned man on Saturday. Glasson spoke with emotion of his wife and relatives, but otherwise was composed, and expressed himself ready to meet his fate, having made, he hoped, his peace with God.

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Unsurprisingly, the Glasson family blamed Annie Summerbell for Bertie’s crime. The subject was then dropped and Bertie is not mentioned in the family, nor in its record The Glasson Saga. Margaret Hardwick’s mother claimed he broke his mother's heart with cards, gambling, horses and wild women. It is interesting that Bertie came from a Methodist background and married Annie, a Roman Catholic at a time of significant tensions between the two religious groups.

The Brisbane Courier 9 November 1893

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