Henry Glasson

 BORN 1 July 1826 at Breage, Cornwall
 BAPTISED 20 July 1826
 DIED 10 January 1891 at Stanfield.

NSW Death Record 4807/1891

 BURIED Carcoar Cemetery, NSW.
 FATHER John Glasson (1777-1856)
 MOTHER Mary Glasson (1783-1855)
 MARRIED Annie Paull (1826-1918) on 15 April 1853 at Breage, Cornwall, England. Link 
 CHILDREN   Annie Elizabeth Glasson (1864-1948)
John Henry Glasson (1854-1944)
Henry Glasson (1855-1941)
Joseph Frederick Glasson (1857-1910)
Robert Gustavus Glasson (1858-1942)
William Glasson (1860-1861)
Richard Glasson (1860-1861)
Mary Glasson (1861-1928)
Edwin Herbert Glasson (1868-1893)

Grazier; also JP. Migrated from Cornwall. Sailed on Sussex (959 tons) from East India Docks at Gravesend on 27 December 1860 with wife and six sons to Melbourne under Capt. Fothergill. Youngest 2 sons (infant twins) died in tropics. The family spent about 2 years around Blayney before settling at Stanfield, purchased from Mr North a solicitor, who lived c.100m up slope from old Stanfield homestead.

The fare from England to Australia was calculated at 7½ adults, costing £191.

Prior to his death, Mr Glasson had been an invalid for some time.

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