William Tom

 BORN 9 June 1838 in Cornwall, England.
 DIED 29 July 1901 in Welland Town, Welland, Ontario.
 BURIED Fontill Cemetery, Ontario.
 FATHER John 2 Tom (1787-1839)
 MOTHER Nancy Philp (1800-1871)
 MARRIED 1 Charlotte Tom (1825-1903) on 14 April 1859 in Bodmin, Cornwall. Link 
 CHILDREN   Mary Philp Tom (1860-1944)
 Dorothy Ann Nicolls Tom (1862-1943) (m.Greenslade)
 Thomas Harold Tom (1864-1950) Link 
 Joanna Elizabeth Tom (1869-1942)
 MARRIED 2 Sarah M Richardson (1854-1901) in 1881 in Canada.
 CHILDREN   Wilfred Tom (unmarried d. 1950s)
 Winnifred Tom (1881-1956) (unmarried)
 Wilbert Tom (1887-1972)
 Anna Tom (1889-1918)

In 1855 William Tom at age 17, tried to emigrate to Canada on the ship John with his sister Mary Philp Tom. The ship was wrecked on the Manacles Rocks, off St. Keverne, on the coast of Cornwall, and Mary was drowned. William survived to return to England where he married his first cousin Charlotte Tom on 14 April 1859. Their eldest child was named Mary Philp Tom, possibly in memory of the drowned sister.

In 1871 William made a successful emigration to Canada where, in 1881, he married Sarah with whom he had 4 children. Charlotte stayed in England with her children and is shown in the censuses until her death in 1903.

In Canada, William lived in Welland Ontario and was a stonemason working on the Welland Canal that bypasses Niagara Falls on the Canadian side. He later farmed. One son was Wilbert Tom.

The English Census of 1871 shows:

Charlotte Tom,Lodger,M,,44,Annuitant,Blisland Cornwall
Mary Philp Tom,Dau,S,,11,Scholar,Blisland Cornwall
Dorothy Ann Nicolls Tom,Dau,S,,9,Scholar,Blisland Cornwall
Joanna Elizabeth Tom,Dau,S,,2,,St Kew Cornwall
Thomas Harrold Tom,Son,S,7,,Scholar,St Kew Cornwall

Morwenna, believed to be the home of William & Charlotte Tom in Tregenna Rd,
Blisland before William's departure to Canada.

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