Charlotte Tom

 BORN 1825
 BAPTISED 29 January 1826 in Blisland, Cornwall, England.
 DIED 1903 Link 
 FATHER Thomas Tom (1793-1877)
 MOTHER Mary Nicholls (1797-1870)
 MARRIED William Tom (1838-1901) in 1859 in Bodmin, Cornwall. Link 
 CHILDREN   Mary Philp Tom (1860-1944)
 Dorothy Ann Nicolls Tom (1862-)
 Thomas Harrold Tom (1864-)
 Joanna Elizabeth Tom (1869-)

After William left for Canada, she stayed on the farm of her brother-in-law, Cornelius Philp Tom, the youngest sibling of William. He was two years younger than William. Born about 1840 and died after 1911 in Blisland. His spouse was Mary Lander. He managed a farm and Charlotte stayed to help out and was a seamstress. She continued to call herself married.

Morwenna, believed to be the home of William & Charlotte Tom in Tregenna Rd, Blisland
before William’s departure to Canada.

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