Sarah M Richardson


 BORN 26 January 1854 in Louth Township, Lincoln, Ontario.
 DIED 27 May 1901 in Welland Town, Welland, Ontario.
 BURIED Fontill Cemetery, Ontario.
 FATHER John Richardson (1829-1901)
 MOTHER Phoebe Jane Brady (1835-1904)
 MARRIED William Tom (1838-1901)
 CHILDREN   Wilfred Tom (unmarried d. 1950s)
 Winnifred Tom (1881-1956) (unmarried)
 Wilbert Tom (1887-1972)
 Anna Tom (1889-1918)

JOHN RICHARDSON, reeve of Welland, was born in White Plains, state of New Jersey, in 1829. His father was Robert and his mother Maria (Odell) Richardson, both natives of Ireland. The family came to Canada in 1829 and settled in Louth Township, in the county of Lincoln.

Robert Richardson died during the year 1838, and his widow, the mother of our subject, about 10 years later. When the father died, John, who was a lad of 9 years of age, went to live with James Disher in Pelham Township. He continued to reside with Mr. Disher until that gentleman's death, which occurred when our subject was but 15 years of age. Young as he was, however, he took charge of the farm and managed it until he was of age.

When 24 years of age he married Phebe Jane Brady, daughter of Andrew Brady and Margaret (Disher) Brady. Mr. Richardson from the time of his marriage followed the business of farming in Pelham, Grantham and Louth townships, until March, 1878,

When he moved to Welland, bought a residence and engaged in business as a wood merchant. He enjoyed the respect of his fellow-townsmen in a high degree, and was elected to a seat in the town council for 5 successive years. In 1887 Mr Richardson was elected reeve of the town.

While farming, Richardson was for several years a very successful exhibitor at the provincial fair, particularly in grains, seeds and domestic manufactures. His children are: Sarah M., who was born Jan. 26, 1855; Anna, Feb. 12, 1857; Ira, Sept. 28, 1858; John, Aug. 12, 1865; Wm. A., Oct. 28, 1875.

[Biographical Sketches from The History Of Welland County Ontario, 1887]

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