James Thurtell

 BORN 1770 at Norwich, Norfolk, England.
 BAPTISED 2 November 1770 at St Julian, Norwich.
 DIED 17 July 1831 in Loddon, Norfolk.
 FATHER James Thurtell (1737-1801)
 MOTHER Winifred Nunn (c1740-1795)
 MARRIED Elizabeth Watson (1785-1844) on 30 July 1807 at St Nicholas, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk.
 CHILDREN   Emily Thurtell (1808-)
 Helen Thurtell (1809-1869) (m.1833 Samuel Joyce of Cawston)
 Mary Thurtell (1810-)
 James Watson Thurtell (1811-1876)
 Jane Thurtell (1812-1823)
 Anna Thurtell (1815-1819)
 Caroline Thurtell (1817-)

James and Elizabeth had 8 children born at Blundeston and Hopton. All but 2 reached adulthood. One was the Mrs Joyce of the Murray letters (see, e.g., Sarah Murray’s 1861 letter ). This is probably the family where Sarah Holt was governess before marrying James Thurtell (later Murray). James had two brothers named James who died young. James was a grocer, fish curer and postmaster (1824). His widow was living at Hall Farm, Loddon in 1841 census. James and Elizabeth have commemorative slabs in the church at Loddon, as do daughters Anna (d. 1819) and Jane (d. 1823).

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