Elizabeth Leche

 MARRIED John Prenton
 CHILDREN   Elizabeth Prenton (1764-)
Mary Prenton (1766-)
Charlotte Prenton (1768-)
John Prenton (1770-1800)

Had a sister Mary Leche. Each was left £50 in will of cousin John Leche Esq. of Stretton Hall, Chester, who died 7 April 1785 aged 66 years. Elizabeth Leche Prenton (Mrs Prenton) having already died, John Leach made a note that the £50 were to go to her children as my executors think fit. Presumably John Prenton Jr. benefited as John Leche was succeeded by Major Leche whose heir was John Prenton Esq.

Ancestor was said to be John de Leach, surgeon to King Henry III of England. The coat of arms has three crowns, the significance of which is derived from an occasion when the kings of France and Scotland were prisoners of King Edward III, the three monarchs dined at the home of surgeon John de Leach. As a token of the occasion, King Edward handed John de Leach three crowns (coins.) Afterward, when the king granted him a large estate, three crowns were placed on his arms.

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