John Prenton

 DIED “early” — died suddenly while children young.
 MARRIED Elizabeth Leche
 CHILDREN   Elizabeth Prenton (1764-)
Mary Prenton (1766-)
Charlotte Prenton (1768-)
John Prenton (1770-1800)

Attorney of Chester.
Family seat [of one branch of Leches?] was Stretton Hall, Chester.
Heir of a Major Leche (by reason of marriage to Elizabeth Leche??).
Significance of this not clear, if he died young and she died before her benefactor, John L. [JCC]
Leche family [different branch?] manor Carden Hall in SW Cheshire (near Tilston) burned to ground in Sep 1912.
Their town house in Watergate St, Chester (Old Leche House) now owned by City of Chester and Open to public.
John Prenton was not a new name in Chester. Records show a John Prenton marrying Ales Bykerstaffe in St Oswald's Chester on 22 Jan 1587.
There is a suburb of Chester called Prenton.

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