Joseph Nathaniel Moulder

 BORN 1798 at London, England.
 DIED 1866 at Orange, NSW.
 MARRIED Caroline Clements (c1814-1908) in 1833 at Bathurst, NSW.

NSW Marriage Record V1833266 17/1833

@ Church of England, Bathurst
 CHILDREN   Eliza Moulder (1834-)
Joseph Moulder (1835-)
Jan Moulder (1837-)
Anne Moulder (1838-)
Eliza-2 Moulder (1840-)
Edward Henry Moulder (1844-1922)
Caroline M Moulder (1845-)
Dorah Moulder (1847-)
Agatha Moulder (1851-)
Transported to NSW as a criminal, arriving in 1817 on the Morley
1825 he was a servant of James Blackman of Bathurst, and was given a reference.

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