Edward Henry Moulder

 BORN 1844 in NSW.

NSW Birth Record V18441909 28/1844

 DIED 1922 in Orange, NSW.

NSW Death Record 12806/1922

 FATHER Joseph Nathaniel Moulder (1798-1866)
 MOTHER Caroline Clements (c1814-1908)
 MARRIED Johanna Mary Walker (1851-1932) in 1867 at Orange, NSW.

NSW Marriage Record 2700/1867

 CHILDREN   Joseph E Moulder (1868-)
 Caroline Moulder (1870-)
 Amy Josephine Moulder (1876-)
 Edith Catherine Moulder (1881-)
 Isaac Walton Moulder (1882-1972)
 Henry Clement Moulder (1883-1967)
 Eliza A Moulder (1885-)
 Charles Randolph Hamilton Moulder (1887-1969)
 Joseph P Moulder (1890-)
 Catto A Moulder (1892-)

SMH Reported on 11 July 1922:

ORANGE. Monday.

Mr Edward Henry Moulder, one of the oldest pioneers of the Orange and Lachlan districts died to-day at the age of 78 years. Mr. Moulder was a son of the late Mr. Joseph Moulder, ard was born at Bloomfield, near Orange. He went to Condobolin in 1868 to manage one of his fathor's properties. After the death of the latter he went into partnership with his brother, the late Mr. William Moulder, when they owned and controlled Brotheroney, Moulrnein, Euablong, and Dundoo Hills stations, in the Lachlan dlstrlct. Subsequently Mr. Moulder purchased all the stations outright, with property on the Lachlan portion of Brotheroney, and still held by his son, Mr. William Moulder. In 1900 the deceased returned to Orange to reside at Bloomfield. Upon the death of his mother, the late Mrs. Granny Moulder, who died at 104 years, Mr. Moulder took over property at Endsleigh. He was actlvely engaged in the land and stock industry all his life. Mr. Moulder wrote a book on the history of the west. In early life he was a well-known cricketer, pigeon shot, and runner. He was one of the founders of the Masonic Lodge at Condobolin, and was the first member of the Pastures Protection Board at that centre. He was licensing magistrate at Orange for a number or years, and was also a prominent member of the Literary Institute. He leaves a widow and four sons and four daughters: Messrs. William Robert, of Brotheroney station: Walton, rabbit lnspector, Condobolin: Henry, Mayor of Condoblin: Charles, manager of duplicate department: H. V. McKay's Implement factory, and Mesdames S. Bailey, of Ballarat: Donovan, of Leeton: Hector Brewer, of Orange Plains, and Fiddy, of Newcastle.

Western Champion, 13 July 1922:
Older residents of the district (says the "Western Advocate," Orange, of the 11th inst.), men who followed their elders and carried on their pioneering work, are passing away, but there remain their deeds and achievements to appeal to a grateful posterity and to say and to prove what those hardy, enduring, fearless men did to make a way for succeeding generations. Mr. Edward Henry Moulder, one of the oldest residents of the district, passed away at his residence, Redloum, Moulder street, on Monday morning at 4 o'clock, after a brief illness, though he had been in more or less ill-health for some time. The older members of the family, the founders here, came to this district from Bathurst, and established themselves on what was then generally known as Bloomfield. Later the area adjoining Orange was named Endsleigh and included what is now Orange East. What time Bloomfield house was erected we know not, but Endsleigh house was erected in 1855. The Bloomfield house has long ago been dismantled, but willows remain to mark the habitation, willows propagated from cuttings of the willows over Napoleon's grave at St. Helena. Mr. Moulder was aged 78 years. In 1868 he first went to the Lachlan with his late brother, W. N. Moulder, the pair being partners in the stations of Brotheroney, Euabalong, Moulmein, and Dundoolin; H. C. Moulder, Mayor of Condobolin. Having purchased his brother's interest in the above holdings he next purchased Wardy in the same district, and remained there till 1900, grazing sheep and cattle. In 1900 he once again lived at Bloomfield, remaining there till he built a new house nearer Orange. Then on his aged mother's death he moved to Endsleigh, and for a number of years had lived in retirement in Moulder street. His wife's maiden name was Josephine Mary Walker, who survives him. The family is W. Moulder, of Morven (part of the original Brotheroney), Walton Moulder, Rabbit Inspector, Condobolin for three successive years; Charles Moulder, manager of the duplicates department of H. V. McKay's works, Sydney; Mrs. Bailey, Ballarat; Mrs. Donovan, Leeton; Mrs. Brewer, Orange Plains, Condobolin; and Mrs. Fiddes, Newcastle. The eldest son, Edward, died eighteen years ago, and the youngest son, Percy, in 1894. Mr. Moulder was one of the first members of the Condobolin Pastures Protection Board and was also a Justice of the Peace, having been appointed while a resident of the Condobolin district. He was one of the earliest Freemasons in Orange and assisted to establish the Lodge at Condobolin. For period he was a member of the Orange Licensing Bench. The Moulder family were sturdy Church of England people, and in the early days of the church here their assistance was vital and helped to sustain it till it acquired strength. The site of Holy Trinity Church was presented by Mr. E. H. Moulder, who followed that generous gift with a site for another church on the southern side of the Endsleigh house. Further than that he gave the original Endsleigh gates to the Rectory, and there they were erected recently. In his young days Mr. Moulder was a fine athlete, and excelled both as cricketer and pedestrian, having been endowed with a remarkable turn of speed. He was always a very generous man, and could scarcely place a limit to his giving. The family has always been held in the greatest respect for their services to all local institution, and Mr. E. H. Moulder maintained the family tradition in that respect. A retentive memory rendered him a mine of local history, and some time ago he made useful contributions in that regard to the local press.

Central Western Daily, 24 June 1972:
The death occurred at Condobolin on 3/6/1972 of Izaak Walten Moulder (known as Boo Moulder) at the age of 92 years. He was a son of Edward Henry Moulder and was born on the family property Brotherony about 30 miles down the Lachlan River from Condobolin. He was a grandson of Joseph Moulder. Boo Moulder was a fine horseman and at one time played polo. He was proud of having played polo against famous Orange native Andrew Barton (Banjo) Paterson.

Mr Moulder was once an Inspector on the staff of the Condobolin Pastures Protection Board. In later years he acquired Riverstone a small property on the West Wyalong Road, where he built up a credible Shorthorn stud. He sold his property about five years ago and retired to live at Condobolin.

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