William Brimacombe

 BORN 1764
 BAPTISED 20 April 1764 at Sutcombe, Devon, England.
 DIED 25 April 1848 at Clawton, Devon. Link 
 FATHER Richard Brimacombe (1722-1794)
 MOTHER Susanna Jewell (1713-1808)
 MARRIED Isabella … in c1799.

William Brimacombe was born on 20 April 1764 in Sutcombe, Devon, England. His parents were Richard Brimacombe and Susanna Jewell. He had a brother Richard (b. 1751), a brother Charles (b. 1755), and a brother John (b. 1758). He had a sister Joan (b. 1754), a sister Susanna (b. 1761), a sister Ann (b. 1766) and a sister Rebecca (b. 1770). All of the children were born in Sutcombe, Devon. I have found information on most of these people, but I am unable to find out any further information on William, other than his birth date. [2002]
— Bruce Brimacombe

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