Katherine Glasson

 BORN 8 July 1893 at Kywanna, Goondowindi, Qld.

Qld Birth Record 1893/C003119

Glasson Katherine
William GLASSON & Mary Rowena Treweeke
 DIED 14 May 1998 at Corinda, Qld.
 BURIED 19 May 1998 in Toowong Cemetery, Qld.
 FATHER William Glasson (1869-1957)
 MOTHER Mary Rowena Treweeke (1864-1939)
 MARRIED Ronald Beresford Taylor (1892-1957) on 13 November 1916 at "Warkon", Yuleba, Qld.

Qld Marriage Record 1916/C3236

Taylor Ronald Beresford
& Glasson Katherine
 CHILDREN   Thelma Dorothy Taylor (1917-2001)
 William Ronald Ian Taylor (1921-1990)
 Harry Desmond Taylor (1924-2001)

Katherine Glasson was born on the 8th July 1893, during the flood, at Kywanna, north-west of Goondiwindi. She was the daughter of William Glasson, originally from the Bathurst region of New South Wales, and Mary Treweeke of Umbercollie, Goondiwindi.

Her father had a number of large properties, including Coomrith, where Kitty spent her childhood. She later attended school at Fort Street in Sydney, and then attended Sydney University between 1913 and 1916 where she studied medicine. [No evidence of graduation - SC]

By 1916 her father owned Warkon Station, Yuleba, and Kitty came back to here where she married Ronnie Taylor of Russell Park, Surat, in November 1916. Whilst living at Warkon, and later at Murilla South, they raised three children, and through this time Kitty became a busy writer.

She published a number of books, including Bim, Ginger for Pluck, and Pick the Duffers. These were stories for children, based on her knowledge of station life. Her most successful book was Wards of the Outer March, an historical novel of convict Australia. It was intended to be filmed by Charles Chauvel, but did not proceed due to Chauvel’s death.

From 1950, Kitty Taylor, always an independent person, travelled frequently, living in Paris and then in Switzerland with Russian friends.

Since 1972 she had been retired in Brisbane and passed away on the 14th March 1998, aged 104 years.    Link 

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