Eliza Murray

 BORN 1853 in California.
 FATHER … (person 2870)
 MOTHER Mercedes Espinosa (1823-1878)
 MARRIED 1 Paul B. Sutcliffe on 20 September 1878
 CHILD Gertrude Mercedes Sutcliffe (1879-1888)
 MARRIED 2 Maxeiemo Vega on 11 February 1882

Eliza suffered some unspecified medical condition, leading to attacks. (Perhaps, like her mother, she was subject to asthma?) In a letter of 26 Aug 1875, Walter says she is is engaged to be married to a major domo in Santa Barbara. It seems she married Paul B. Sutcliffe on 20 Sept. 1878, and Gertrude Mercedes Sutcliffe was born 11 Aug. 1879. Furthermore, Eliza Sutcliffe married Maxeiemo (?) Vega, 11 Feb. 1882 and Mercedes Sutcliffe died 20 July 1888. It is not clear if Sutcliffe was the major domo or someone else. The three-year wait may have been because, after Walter’s death, Mercedes needed Eliza at home. Eliza married four months after her mother died; what happened to Sutcliffe, we do not know.

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