Benjamin Thurtell Clarke

 BORN prob 1793
 DIED 1868 Link 
 FATHER John Clarke (1769-1826)
 MOTHER Elizabeth Thurtell (1772-1801)
 MARRIED Caroline Thurtell (1797-1857) (his cousin) on 21 July 1825 in Stow Bardolph, Norfolk.
 CHILDREN   Caroline Honor Clarke (1826-)
 Sudney Benjamin Clarke (1827-)

Based on the baptisms at Woodbastwick and the suitable dates, it is reasonable to assume that this person is Benjamin Thurtell Clarke, son of Elizabeth Thurtell and John Clarke who were married in 1791. Benjamin was a farmer. If he is the person who died (in reference above) at age 75, he would have been born in 1793.

It is also likely that he dropped use of his middle name after the scandal of 1824.

He and Caroline are said to have had no surviving offspring, so it is assumed the two children above died young. It is said elsehwere that there were 4 other children who died.

Sarah Murray notes his death in 1868 and adds poor Benjamin Clarke; poor man, he suffered much and for a long time. I hope he is at rest but his mind was so absorbed in the difficulties of business that I fear he had no time to think of the higher duties of the soul.

Sarah adds his widow has many difficulties to contend with but I think she will be able to maintain her position. She has a nice house, well furnished and understands the management of a Boarding House better than most people. She visited me a short time since and I have promised to spend a day with her—she lives at Paddington.

From the London Gazette no 19112 page 2351 (1833):

Whereas the Commissioners acting in the prosecution of a Commission of Bankrupt awarded and issued forth against Benjamin Thurtell Clark, of the Hamlet of Lakenham, in the County of the City of Norwich, Corn and Flour-Merchant, have certified to the Right Hon. the Lord High Chancellor of Great Britain, and to the Court of Review in Bankruptcy, that the said Benjamin Thurtell Clark, hath in all things conformed himself according to the directions of the Acts of Parliament made and now in force concerning Bankrupts; this is to give notice, that, by virtue of an Act, passed in the sixth year of the reign of His late Majesty King George the Fourth, intituled ‘An Act to amend the laws relating to Bankrupts;’ and also of an Act passed in the first and second years of the reign of His present Majesty, intituled An Act to establish a Court in Bankruptcy, the Certificate of the said Benjamin Thurtell Clark will be allowed and confirmed by the Court of Review, established by the said last-mentioned Act, unless cause be shewn to the said Court to the contrary on or before the 10th day of January next.

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