Catherina Elisabeth Ninau

 BORN 1752 in Germany
 DIED May 1812
 BURIED 8 May 1812 at Bunhill Fields, London. (?)
 FATHER Caspar Andreas Ninau (1720-1788)
 MOTHER Elisabeth Ninau (1721-1801)
 MARRIED Johann Conrad Kraushaar (1742-1801) on 29 April 1772 at London, England.
 CHILDREN   Martha Maria Kraushaar (1773-)
John Ninau Kraushaar (1775-)
William Kraushaar (1777-1800)
George Conrad Kraushaar (1778-1800)
John George Kraushaar (1780-)
Jacob Andrew Kraushaar (1783-1811)
Elizabeth Kraushaar (1786-1811)
John Frederick Kraushaar (1787-1815)
Maria Catherine Kraushaar (1790-1813)
Thomas Henry Kraushaar (1791-1846)
John George Kraushaar (1792-1809)
John Matthew Kraushaar (1796-1857)
Dates assume it was she who was buried in the family plot in Bunhill Fields under the name Caroline Elisabeth Kraushaar (possibly a transcription error). Doubts exist about this, however.
After marrying JCK, lived Gun St., Spitalfields till c. 1782, then Spital Square 1783-1802 (i.e. until after JCK’s death).

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