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Johann Conrad Kraushaar

 BORN 1741 in Germany Link 
 DIED 23 March 1801 at Spitalfields, London.
 BURIED 27 March 1801 at Nonconformist Cemetery, Bunhill, Finsbury, London.
 MARRIED Catherina Elisabeth Ninau (1752-1812) on 29 April 1772 at London, England.
 CHILDREN   Martha Maria Kraushaar (1773-)
John Ninau Kraushaar (1775-)
William Kraushaar (1777-1800)
George Conrad Kraushaar (1778-1800)
John George Kraushaar (1780-)
Jacob Andrew Kraushaar (1783-1811)
Elizabeth Kraushaar (1786-1811)
John Frederick Kraushaar (1787-1815)
Maria Catherine Kraushaar (1790-1813)
Thomas Henry Kraushaar (1791-1846)
John George Kraushaar (1792-1809)
John Matthew Kraushaar (1796-1857)

Silk Weaver. Listed in many London directories 1773-1801.

Left Harz Mountains (Hanover), as earnest Lutherans fleeing Roman Catholic persecution, according to Mrs Clist. Settled in London, England by May 1763.

Recorded in Kent’s Directory of 1794 as: Kraushaar John-Conrad, Weaver, 4, Norton Falgate.

There is no-one corresponding to the decription of our JCK in the German records of the period, though there are various Kraushaars.

One Johann Conrad Kraushaar, son of Heinrich Peter K., was baptised (Lutheran) on 18 May 1738 in Bissersheim, Palatinate (Pfalz), Bavaria. [That would have made him 63 in 1801 when our JCK died in London.] I don’t know if that’s the JCK who married Maria Johanna Schmidt on 21 Nov 1782 according to the Lutheran parish register of Vedem (or Uedem) in the Rhineland. More likely, he was the JCK who married Christina Elisabetha Maeurerin in Bissersheim on 9 May 1762 and produced Catharina (or Katharina) Elisabetha K. who was baptized Lutheran in Bissersheim on 28 Jan 1778. It is interesting that these are the same Christian names as our Ms Ninau, possibly indicating a family link. (There are no satisfactory Ninaus in the record — could be a total misspelling; the only authority we have for it is Mrs. Clist’s account.)

Another Catharina Elisabetha K. was christened in Bissersheim on 18 Nov 1800, daughter of a JCK and Anna Barbara Kohlin. Presumably the next generation, unless the same JCK had another go at it with a second wife. Another JCK was christened in Bissersheim on 5 Feb (or Dec, according to whether you believe the fiche or CD) 1769, son of Philipp Friedrich K and Anna Clara Wagnerin.

We do not know when our man was born, nor when he migrated to London. I looked in the microfilm of the London Times around 23 Mar 1801 (the St. Catherine’s B, D & M records only begin in 1837), but his death was not advertised. Another subject for reflection is why they moved to Britain. “Germans in Britain Since 1500” (Hambledon Press) ed. Panikos Panayi, says quite a few Germans moved there in C18. The industrial revolution was making interesting opportunities for traders and tradesmen and, after all, the Kings of England were also Hanoverians. There was scattered religious persecution in some German States. John Matthew K., in spite of the presence of Lutheran churches in London at the time, wasted no time in switching to the C of E.

Indeed, amongst the confusingly many Kraushaars in the Mormons’ English records, the only ones we can be really sure of are:

Jane Charlotte K., daughter of John Matthew and Jane Charlotte, christened at St. Matthew’s, Bethnal Green, on 10 Apr 1822; and Fanny Adela Jane, daughter of JLK and FJ, christened on 10 Nov 1850 at St. Pancras Old Church. It seems likely John Matthew had one or more brothers, as there seems to be a great deal of church activity at this period, and there is a recurrence of the familiar names (Catherine, Elizabeth, John, William, Conrad, Joseph, Matthew…) and places (Bethnal Green, Spitalfields…)

A selection follows:
Jane K. m. Samuel Wolfe, 19/3/1769, St. Luke’s, Old St., Finsbury.
[John?] George K. m. Ann Johnson, 19/8/1788, St. Dunstan, Stepney.
Their son William Conrad K. was christened 25/7/1802 at Christ Church, Spitalfields, Stepney.

Marriage of Jacob Andrew K. and Mary Barbara Fesenmeyer and christenings at St. Botolph, Bishopsgate of their children:
Elizabeth K. on 21/5/1806;
Mary Catherine K. on 17 Jul 1808;
(another?) Elizabeth on 18 Mar 1810.
John Frederick K. m. Mary Carr 12/2/1809 at St. Luke’s, Finsbury and christening of their children
Sarah Elizabeth K. on 20/12/1809,
Joseph Conrad K. at St. Botolph’s on 15/1/1812, and
Hannah K., at St. Botolph’s on 30/5/1813.
William Joseph K., son of Thomas Henry K. and Ann, christened at St.
Dunstan, Stepney on 18/9/1836, married Mary Ann Naylor at St. Matthew’s,
Bethnal Green on 15/6/1856. [THK is a forebear of the late Peter Kraushaar of Ilford.]
John Matthew K. m. Mary Anne Curtis on 2/10/1858. [Note by JCC Jan 1998]

Cliffords Family Tree states:
Johann (John) Kraushaar was born in 1741 in Haz Mountains, Kurfürstentum Hannover, Germany, and emigrated in June 1763 to London, England. His occupations are given as Deacon Johann Conrad Kraußhaar, then Weaver.

Craig Walker on Myheritage.com states:
Johannes (John) Conrad Kraushaar was born in 1741, to Johannes Kraushaar.
Johannes snr was born on 10 October 1718, in Oberkalbach, Fulda, Hessen, Germany.
Johannes married Catherina (Catherine) Elisabeth Kraushaar (born Ninau) in 1772, at age 31.
Catherina was born in 1752, in Harz Mountains, Germany.
They had 11 children: Martha Maria Kraushaar, John Ninau Kraushaar and 9 other children.
Johannes died in 1801.

Kraushaar Media site states:
Johannes Kraushaar (of Deutmecke) was legally forced to give up portions of his farm because of debt. The farm was then leased to another in 1788.

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