George Everitt

 BORN 1 August 1791
 DIED 20 February 1844 in Caister-on-Sea, Norfolk, England.
 BURIED Holy Trinity, Caister-On-Sea, Norfolk, England
 FATHER George Everitt
 MOTHER Jane Clowes
 MARRIED Anne Thurtell (1791-1866) on 20 October 1817 at Bradwell, Suffolk, England

George Everitt set up a business with his brother William in Lowestoft, Suffolk and appears to have played an important part in planning the modernisation of the harbour facilities. Gillingwater’s History of Lowestoft states that in 1842 the Harbour and Navigation of Lowestoft were purchased from the Exchequer Loan Commissioners by Messrs Cleveland, Everitt, Lincoln, Hickling and Roe of Lowestoft who expended considerable sums in repairs and continued in possession until 1844. In that year they sold the harbour and navigation of Lowestoft to Samuel Morton (later Sir Morton) Peto who was to become Lowestoft’s greatest benefactor, building the railway and once again improving the harbour. George Everitt had no children.

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