Anne Thurtell

 BORN 12 December 1791 at Blundeston, Suffolk, England.
 BAPTISED 18 December 1791
 DIED December 1865 at Hastings, England. Link 
 BURIED 25 December 1865 at Holy Trinity, Caister-On-Sea, Norfolk, England.
 FATHER John Thurtell (1762-1846)
 MOTHER Anne Browne (c1762-1834)
 MARRIED George Everitt (1791-1844) on 20 October 1817 at Bradwell, Suffolk, England.

No children. In 1853 she travelled by herself to America on the steamship Africa. She then travelled from New York to Guelph, Ontario, Canada, and had a reunion with her brother, Benjamin Thurtell, and his family, and her nephew, Edward Brookes Thurtell, who came from his home in Jamestown, Wisconsin, for the reunion. She also met Edward Browne (son of sister Maria of Pudding Norton). The diary she kept of her trip shows her as an intelligent, observant, and remarkably adventuresome lady. She died in England in 1866 and was buried in Caister with her husband. Her will was valued at under £3000.

In a letter dated 22 Sep 1880, Dr George Murray says I went to look up Aunt Anne, she was very nice and asked me a lot of questions.

In a letter from her brother Alfred Murray, to his grand-daughter Mary Murray, dated 6 May 1874 he writes, I heard my sister Mrs George Everitt say that when she left school she knew nothing — she read much afterwards and was one of the cleverest women I ever knew — and one of the best. Your Aunt Mary used to say, Take Mrs G.E. all in all, I think she was the very best women I knew in my life.

In 1851 widow Anne was recorded at King St, Gt Yarmouth, staying with a baker, Charles Gooda, and in 1861 at 6 Cambridge place, Clifton, Bristol.

[Some reports say Anne’s first marriage was to a Mr Clows, but evidence is lacking.]

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