Mary Glasson

 BORN c1814 in Cornwall, England.
 CHRISTENED 26 December 1814 in Breage, Cornwall.
 DIED 11 November 1872 in Orange district, NSW.

NSW Death Record 5807/1872

 FATHER John Glasson (1771-1856)
 MOTHER Mary Glasson (1783-1855)
 MARRIED John Lane (1815-1872) in 1846 in Bathurst district, NSW.

NSW Marriage Record V184640 84/1846

@ Bathurst/Wesley church

Emigrated to NSW with brother Richard in 1838.

Letter from Mary, postmarked December 1845

My dear parents

I must acknowledge I ought to have written to you long before this, but its a great thing for me to write a letter, I have not forgotten you all in my prayers to God. I am thankful we are all in good health at present, John (brother John) is about to leave for Sydney with his wool which is now a good price. John has this year 1060 lambs so you see his sheep are increasing fast. John will also have a good crop of wheat, as to the fruit, he will have several tons of grapes, plenty of apples and peaches and three hives of bees. We have taken off hives of bees 60 to 80 lbs, so we have plenty of honey also. Joe (brother Joseph) is in his stonehouse and I wash his clothes and bake his bread for him. Richard (brother Richard) has 400 lambs. Emma (wife of Richard) has miscarried twice. Our little Mary Ann (daughter of brother John) is now three years old and is a complete chatterbox, her papa is very fond of her, Ann (brother John’s wife) is not in the family way again. It is very hot here just now, we are wishing for rain. Bishop is about the hay, he is a cross old thing, wishing he was married. We have a lot of turkeys and plenty of pigs also. Tell me if Aunt Burrell is with you or not, I often think about my dear sisters living in darkness when God has been so good to them and they have been His enemies to the present time. I hope they will not be cut down in their sins. I often think about William and Susan (brother William and wife Susan still in Cornwall) having to work hard and then can hardly live. I should like to have a peep at Susan and Eliza’s children (sister-in-law and sister), in fact all of you but if we never meet again on this earth I hope we shall all meet again in Heaven. I have received my sister Susan’s letters I wish she had the grace of God in her heart and she would be able to go to prayer meetings and pray. Tell her and Elizabeth (sister) to write me and tell me how the dresses and bonnets are worn in England now. My dear Mother and Father, I should like you to send me a little of your hair, I suppose it is very grey by this time and tell me whether William and Elizabeth POOL are married yet, and whether John and Susan TROUNCE are also and how many children cousin Elenor ROSEWORNE has, and how Aunt POOL and Aunt Hannah POOL are getting on. John was thrown from his horse and hurt his great toe so much he is lame. I have forgotten a great deal I had to say to you. I suppose you will hear some news about me soon,

Your ever affectionate daughter

Mary Glasson.

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