Mary Olver

 BORN 1762 at Egloshayle or Blisland, Cornwall, England.
 BAPTISED 30 September 1762
 DIED 7 September 1837 Link 
 BURIED St Pratt's Churchyard, Blisland
 FATHER Matthew Olver
 MOTHER Mary Chappell
 MARRIED John Tom (1751-1819) on 5 October 1783 in the Parish of Egloshayle
 CHILDREN   Dorothy Tom (bpt.1784-)
John 2 Tom (bpt.1787-)
Nicholas Tom (bpt.1789-)
William Tom (1791-1883)
Thomas Tom (bpt.1793-1877)
Mary Tom (bpt.1796-)
James Tom (bpt.1798-)
Catherine Tom (bpt.1800-1854)
Anne Tom (1803-1804)
Also spelt Oliver or Olvor.

Pendrift, believed to be the home of John & Mary Tom in Blisland
and subsequently the home of John 2 & Nancy.

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