Isaac J Baker

 BORN 1802
 DIED 23 February 1889

NSW prob Death Record 11329/1886

 BURIED Buried Cargo General Cemetery, NSW.
 MARRIED Eliza Sheppard (1815-1890)
 CHILDREN   William Sheppard Baker (1857-1940)

Shown on William’s death certificate as a Wheelwright. Probably the Isaac James Baker and Eliza Sheppard who were married (probably to each other!) in Bedminster in December qtr 1837.

Isaac and Eliza Baker of the right ages arrived in NSW in the Ascendant in 1855. Isaac’s brother William was already living at Campbell’s River, NSW. (A William Baker aged 83 died at Triangle Flat on 25 January 1882.) Isaac and Eliza first settled in Rockley, but moved to Cargo in the 1870s. (Cargo came alive in 1869 with the advent of gold mining.)

Isaac is probably the juror mentioned in the Inquisition at Rockley in 1869. He also shows up in Greville’s 1872 PO Directory of Rockley.

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