Joseph Downton

 BORN 1811
 DIED 1891 in Croydon, Surrey, England. Link 
 FATHER Samuel Downton (1777-1866)
 MOTHER Ann Sherrin (1778-1862)
 MARRIED Lydia Williams (1814-1884) in 1837
 CHILDREN   James Downton Williams (1835-1867)
 Henry Downton (1838-)
 Mary Downton (1840-)
 Edwin Downton (1841-1915)
 Sarah Anna Downton (1848-)
 John Priddle Downton (1851-)
 Joseph Sherin Downton (1856-1925)

Joseph Downton and Lydia Williams, married in 1837 but James was probably their illegitimate son.

Joseph and Lydia had other children and ended up at Landshire Farm, West Quantoxhead, Somerset, where they stayed until the 1870s. At the baptisms of his sons, Joseph was described as a Yeoman. St Audries was the dedication of the church at West Quantoxhead.

In his 70s Joseph left the farm and kept The Devonshire Arms in Long Sutton.

He and Lydia then decamped to Croydon, Surrey, where Lydia died in 1884 and Joseph in 1891. Their son Joseph S Dowton was living with wife and child in Croydon, so this is likely to be where they died.

The Devonshire Arms

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