Sarah Josephine Thurtell-Murray

 BORN 1832
 DIED 24 May 1853 in England. Link 
 BURIED 4 June 1853 at Abney Park Cemetery, Stoke Newington (Grave 9361)
 FATHER James Thurtell-Murray (1790-1867)
 MOTHER   Sarah Holt (1794-1889)
Josephine … was of a rather restless disposition, her mind being capable of deep intellectual power leading her to follow an unsettling reasoning pathway in the realm of thought. In her quest for knowledge, her deep reading led her gradually away from the simple faith and acceptance of standards which had been implanted in her by her parents, causing her great unrest and dissatisfaction. When the illness which brought her young life to its termination had laid her aside, she was recalled to her former trust in God through a personal talk with her brother-in-law (J. L. Kraushaar) who, by that time, had given his life entirely to work for God. He, foreseeing that Josephine was not likely to rally from her weak state, pressed upon her very urgently the claims of the Saviour, leaving her with the verse for her meditation: Whosoever shall call upon the Name of he Lord shall be saved. Upon this verse she rested and, her quest for a solution of her problems having found a satisfactory anchorage, she peacefully and trustfully fell asleep. The words of the text which had brought her peace are inscribed upon her tombstone in Abney Park Cemetery.

— Mrs Clist

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