Anne Thurtell

 BORN 2 March 1820 at Danbury, Essex, England.
 BAPTISED 20 June 1820 at St John Baptist, Danbury, Essex
 DIED 28 August 1905 Link 
 FATHER James Thurtell-Murray (1790-1867)
 MOTHER Sarah Holt (1794-1889)
 MARRIED 1 Elijah Knox Davies (c1823-1849) on 26 March 1845 Link 
 CHILD Elijah Knox-Davies (1848-1885)
 MARRIED 2 Philip Charles Evans (1809-1886) on 6 December 1851 at Bethnal Green, England. Link 
 CHILDREN   Walter Evans (1852-1922)
Annie Evans (1854-1933)
Arthur Evans (1855-1931)
Edward Ebenezer Holt Evans (1857-)
Bessie Frances Evans (1858-1958)
Margaret Lucy Evans (1860-1943)
Strong-minded and practical according to Mrs Clist; a ready writer and public speaker. Before her first marriage, she was living in Bristol. By her first husband, Elijah Knox Davies, chemist and druggist, whom she married on 26 Mar 1845, Anne had one son, Elijah (born 1848), who became a doctor and emigrated to South Africa where he married Emily Ellen Probart.

Anne’s first husband died in 1849. On his deathbed, he is said to have asked Anne to hyphenate the surname so that the following generations were called Knox-Davies.

Anne is said to have been a deeply religious woman and was a voluntary worker with George Müller of Bristol, the Christian (and PB) who founded the orphanages of that city.

Modernised Brimscombe Mill.

Anne subsequently married Philip Charles Evans, a widower of Brimscombe Court near Stroud, Gloucestershire. Evans was a wealthy woollen cloth manufacturer whose family ran three mills with up to 400 employees. Brimscombe was strategically located on the Thames and Severn Canal and the Great Western Railway, and in the middle of a wool-growing area. Philip Evans also had a farm of 17 acres.

It is recorded that a Mrs Evans, of Brimscombe Court, opened a bazaar at Eastcombe Baptist Church on 20 July 1899.

The 1901 census reveals the 81-year-old widow Anne Evans living on her own means at Brimscombe Court with her single daughter, Margaret L., 41, and three female servants (a cook, a lady’s maid and a parlour housemaid). In the Brimscombe Court Lodge were a gardener, his wife and 4-year-old son. Anne Evans died here in 1905, leaving an estate valued at £647/9/4, so evidently she only had lifetime use of her fine home.

Said to have written a book The Recollections of a Grand-Mother for Her Grand-Children and Any Other Grand-Children Who May Care To Read Them, 1891, printed by William Jolly.

Philip & Anne Evans

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