George Hawkins

 BORN 1828
 DIED 13 March 1899

Qld Death Record 1899/C2916

Hawkins George
George Hawkins & Ann Hawkins
 MARRIED Mary Anne Elworthy (1831-1884) in 1855 in Exeter, England. Link 
 CHILDREN   William Henry Hawkins (1857-1904)
Harriet Venilia Hawkins (1865-1957)
Thomas Hawkins (1868-)
Helena Hawkins (1870-)
Edward Albert Hawkins (1873-1956)
Elizabeth Rosena Hawkins (1875-)

George Hawkins and Will Elworthy took up land here on 1st September 1863 and named the area in memory of Elworthy’s home in Devon. George’s wife Mary Ann was Will’s sister. The Hawkins family planted willows from St Helena along the Logan River. Mary Ann provided midwifery services to local women and her daughter often rowed them both downstream to Logan Village to deliver babies. George conducted church services and funerals from his home. The family initially lived in a slab hut, but built a substantial house named Sunnyside in 1885.
 — Logan City Council

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