Maria Barichello

 BORN 2 July 1933 at Loria, Italy.
 DIED 6 February 2016 at Home Hill, Qld. Link 
 FUNERAL Service 11 February 2016 at St Colman's Church, Home Hill, Qld. Link 
 FATHER Ferdinando Barichello (1897-1971)
 MOTHER Amelia Contarin (1901-1989)
 MARRIED Giuseppe Pietro Revolon (1930-2016) on 27 August 1960 at Loria, Italy Link 
 CHILDREN   Elena Revolon Link 
Caterina Paola Revolon Link 
Ricardo Antonio Ferdinando Revolon Link 
Arrived in Australia with new husband aboard the Oceania on 14 November 1960.
Maria became an Australian citizen in 1972.

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