William Snowball

 BORN 27 March 1824 at Harlow Hill, England.
 CHRISTENED 12 May 1824 at Wesleyan Chapel, Hexham, England.
 DIED 3 November 1895 in Edinburgh, Scotland.
 BURIED All Saints' Cemetery, Jesmond, England.
 MARRIED Emma Davidson Laverick (1828-1900) on 18 March 1849 in London. Link 
 CHILDREN   Mary Frances Snowball (1850-1918)
George Laverick Snowball (1851-1917)
Emma Margaret Snowball (1852-1853)
Margaret Elizabeth Snowball (1853-1938)
Emma Maria Snowball (1855-1856)
Fanny Maria Snowball (1857-)
William Herbert Snowball (1859-)
Clara Louisa Snowball (1865-)
Emma Eliza Snowball (1867-)
Ethel Mary Snowball (1870-)
Eva Maud Snowball (1871-1964)

The Telegraph, London says:
The couple possibly went south to marry because parental consent was not forthcoming, since Emma was under age. But by the time of the 1851 census any family rift appears to have been healed, since Margaret Laverick, Emma’s mother, was living with the young couple to help look after their one-year-old daughter, Mary, while Emma expected her second child, George.

William was a successful draper and employed five staff in his shop as well as a live-in house servant. George eventually followed him into the family business.

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