Robert (or John?) Gowans

 BORN c1756 in Innerwick, East Lothian, Scotland.
 DIED 1802
 MARRIED Elizabeth Byram on 9 March 1781 in Holy Trinity Church, Berwick, England.
 CHILDREN   Sarah Foreman Gowan (1798-1861)
Elizabeth Gowan (-1787)
 Margaret Gowan (bpt.1784-)
 Martha Byram Gowan (bpt.1786-)
 Arthur Byram Gowan (1788-1867)
 Elizabeth Lister Gowan (1791-1864)
 James Gowan (bpt.1793-)
 Mary Gowan (1795-)
 Sarah Foreman Gowan (1798-1861)
Name was originally Gowans.
Was a ship's carpenter who inherited the Berwick shipyard from his father-in-law Arthur Byram.

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