Fanny Cecilia Harland

 BORN 12 December 1847 at Guelph, Ontario, Canada
 DIED 10 November 1928 at Guelph, Ontario, Canada
 MARRIED George Davie Thurtell (1843-1908) on 12 January 1871 at Guelph, Ontario, Canada
 CHILDREN   Gladys Thurtell (1871-1871)
 Guy Thurtell (1872-1963)
 Leonard Harland Thurtell (1878-1900)
 Marie Davie Thurtell (1880-1976)

George Davie Thurtell and his wife, Fanny Cecilia Harland, lived at Westholme, the old West End homestead, and upon the death of his uncle, James Davie, George & Fanny with their family of three children, Guy, Mary & Leonard, moved into town, having purchased 'Maplewood' on Dublin Street. The Thurtell sale day was on 13 April 1886, and the farm was rented to Alfred Watson, a relative. The survivors were Guy Thurtell living on the homestead, Mary Davie 'Daisy' Sharpe of Jamaica, an elder brother Francis Thurtell of Traverse City, Mich. and a sister, Harriett Thurtell of Hamilton.

George & Fanny.

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