Charles George Hawkins

 BORN 13 December 1887 at Qld.

Qld Birth Record 1887/B037975

Hawkins Charles George
William Henry & Mary Ann Kingston
 DIED August 1969
 BURIED 11 August 1969 at Balmoral Cemetery, Qld.
 FATHER William Henry Hawkins (1857-1904)
 MOTHER Mary Ann Kingston (1861-1942)
 MARRIED Dora Allen (1886-1952) on 29 May 1912 in Qld.

Qld Marriage Record 1912/B011678

Hawkins Charles George & Dora Allen
 CHILDREN   Ormond Allen Hawkins (1913-1989)
Joy Hawkins (1916-2000)
Edmond C Hawkins
Robert Richmond Hawkins (1923-2008)

Uncle Charlie was a farmer at Stockleigh, Logan Village, Qld. It was a beautiful property. I spent many of my school holidays staying there. We used to drive along winding bush tracks, swerving all the time to avoid big stones and holes, on Sundays going to Brisbane for the meetings. We watched them milking, and the machines separating the cream and the buttermilk. They sold the cream, and the remaining part was put into big long troughs for the calves to drink. Uncle Charlie grew fields of big pumpkins, and they were fed to the cows. Also we had lots of pumpkin in our meals in the house.

Charles, Dora, Joy & Ormond.

Charles, Dora & family.

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