Isabella Dalgarno Johnston

 KNOWN AS   Bella
 BORN 1858 at Williamstown, Vic
 DIED March 1929 in Auckland, NZ Link 

NZ Death Record 1929/8813

Baeyertz Isabella
 FATHER Kerr Johnston (1812-1887)
 MOTHER Eliza Denovan Gowan (1816-1894)
 MARRIED Charles Nalder Baeyertz (1866-1943) on 21 December 1886 at Baptist church, Kew, Vic. Link 
 CHILDREN   Marion Estelle Mabel Baeyertz (1893-1894)
Carl (or Charles) Kerr Johnston Baeyertz (m. 1912 Gladys Bertha Rose James[1891-1946])
Maida Estelle Isabel Baeyertz (m. 1912 Heron Gore Wyincks)
Rudolph Emil Aronson Baeyertz (1895nz-1975) (m. 1923 Helena Sara Conaglen)

NZ Electoral Roll and Rudolph’s birth record give Dalgarno as the middle name. It is reasonable to assume that Isabella’s parents were very impressed with Isabella Dalgarno, a fiery Scot who preached against alcohol and who settled in Melbourne in 1852. Isabella’s husband was a sea captain who was involved with the Johnstons’ Mission to Seamen.

Charles Nalder Baeyertz (left), his wife Isabella Baeyertz and a friend, about 1906.

Death of Marion Estelle Mabel, Otago Witness, 27 December 1894.

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