William Ernest Tom

 BORN 13 October 1866 in Vic.

Vic Birth 1866—22019

TOM William Ernest
MCCAW - Marion
 DIED 3 March 1936 in Vic.

Vic Death 1936—14224

TOM Wm Ernest
Tom Jas
MCCAW - Marion
 BURIED Darraweit Guim Cemetery, Vic.
 FATHER James Tom (1822-1898)
 MOTHER Marion McCaw (1830-1917)
 MARRIED Muriel Annie Ochiltree (-1958) on 4 June 1913 at Fairview, Chintin, Vic.
 CHILDREN   William Ernest Tom jnr (1916-1982) (m. 1946 Jean Marion Spring)
 James Tom jnr (1919-1983)
 Marion Tom (m. 1941 William Spring)

Jean Marion Tom AO, graduated from the University of Melbourne with a Master of Science. In 1946, Jean married a farmer and has lived on farms most of her life. She has five children and nine grandchildren. Her father fought in World War I, and returned totally and permanently incapacitated. He joined the Romsey Branch of the RSL. Jean’s husband served in World War II, was a Tobruk Rat and died in 1982 leaving Jean a war widow.

Jean is an outstanding country woman who holds high ideals and believes they should be exemplified in the way we live, work and care for each other.

Her particular mission is to utilise every opportunity to nurture and encourage women to broaden their horizons, particularly rural women who have limited opportunities to take on new perspective, so that they are aware of the diverse information and options available when making decisions.

Examples of Jean’s commitments to selfless service to her local community include her membership of the Romsey Auxiliary for the Windarring School for the Mentally Handicapped (1970-80); the Romsey Historical Committee; the Romsey Auxiliary for the Lancefield and District Bush Nursing Hospitals (1960-75).

She was a sponsor of a project funded through the Community Programmes Committee (a Rural Outreach Programme from the Sunbury Community Health Centre). This resulted in a book establishing a profile of the social needs in the Woodend, Newham and Romsey Shires.

In her role as a member of the Country Women’s Association of Victoria Inc., Jean has exemplified outstanding voluntary service and fellowship. She has been dedicated to the pursuit of justice on social issues on behalf of all women and children, particularly those in rural and remote areas of Victoria, as well as nationally and internationally.

Jean has held various positions at State level from 1972-91 including being National President from 1988-91. She is a Life Member of the Association Country Women of the World (1975-99). Jean has been the leader of voting delegations representing the CWA of Victoria at a number of world conferences.

Jean’s outstanding leadership skills and broad knowledge on all issues affecting rural and remote women have been acknowledged and utilised for the benefit of the community by her service independently of the Association. She has been a volunteer on many committees including a member of Victorian Women’s Advisory Council to the Premier (1983-88), and a member of the National Women’s Consultative Council (1989-92). Jean helped set up the Victorian Women’s Trust as a Board Member (1984-94).

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