Elizabeth Viva Stinson

 BORN 1921
 DIED 7 November 2005 (SMH ad)
 FATHER Eric Roy Dudley Stinson (1890-1960)
 MOTHER Annie Muriel Tom (1886-1966)
 MARRIED Douglas Charleston Pearce (1919-1986) in 1943 at Sydney, NSW.

NSW Marriage Record 17456/1943

 CHILDREN   John Gregory Stinson Pearce (1945-1968)
Jeremy Douglas Pearce
Robert William Pearce
David Michael Pearce

Beth found John's death in Vietman very hard. He had done his National Service and was dicharged by the army but chose to go because his mates were going. Beth told me he had planned to go to Moore College when he came back to train for the ministry.

There's an amusing story about Marie and Beth. My gran went to Mosman to visit their mother Muriel her niece. Muriel was out so the girls thought "what would Mum have done?" She'd have made scones, so they made scones and they were awful. So gran said "Come on I'll give you a lesson in scone making." when Muriel came home all three were in the kitchen with aprons on and gran was teaching them how to make scones — Beth never forgot the lesson.
— Margaret Hardwick

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