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Kathleen Kraushaar

 BORN 5 September 1898 at Orsett, England.
 DIED 28 April 1986, Ontario, Canada.
 BURIED King City Cemetery, Ontario, Canada.
 FATHER Alfred Naylor Kraushaar (1865-1920)
 MOTHER Ada Eliza Hornsby (1862-1927)
 MARRIED Clarence Melbourne Clucas (1896-1959)
 CHILDREN   Audrey K Fleming Mason (1921-1997)
Clarence Clucas, born 27 April 1896 in Wentworth County, Ontario, was the illegitimate son of George Truesdale. He served in the Canadian Expeditionary Force in WWar 1. As a squadron leader in the Canadian Air Force in WWar 2 he invented something very useful and was awarded the MBE.

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