Fanny Jane Tom

 BORN 15 June 1849

NSW Birth Record V18491824 55/1849

 BAPTISED 4 November 1849 at Wesley Church, Byng, NSW. Link 
 DIED 1935 in Orange, NSW.

NSW Death Record 16410/1935

 FATHER John Tom (1820-1895)
 MOTHER Ann Elder (1821-1902)

With the death at Orange last week of Miss Fanny Jane Tom, at the age of 86, a link with the historic past was severed. Death followed a fall which broke the old lady's leg. Miss Tom was born at the old Cornish settlement of Byng, near Orange, and was a niece of the late William and James Tom, who, with William Lidster, discovered the first payable gold at Ophir in 1851. She was a granddaughter of 'Parson' Tom, the pioneer Methodist lay preacher of the West — long before the days of actual parsons out that way. Miss Tom, who lived with her sister, Miss Kate Tom, for the last 50 years, was a devoted Church worker. A married sister, Mrs. E. A. Lidster, of Orange, and a brother, James (Brisbane), survive in addition to the unmarried sister.  

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