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Albert Augustus Henry Kraushaar

 BORN 1889 at St Saviour, Southwark, London. Link 
 DIED 1927 in Croydon, England. Link 
 FATHER Edwin Augustus Kraushaar (1860-1931)
 MOTHER Ada Eliza Elson (1861-1927)
 MARRIED Beatrice Mary Agate (1890-1965) in 1910 in Croydon. Link 
 CHILDREN   Alice M. Kraushaar (1915-)

I, ALBERT HENRY CRAWSHAW, a natural born British subject, of 11, Howley-road, West Croydon, Surrey, Confectioner, now serving in His Majesty's Army, heretofore called and known by the name of Albert Augustus Henry Kraushaar, hereby give public notice, that by deed poll dated 25th day of February, 1919, and enrolled in the Central Office of the Supreme Court, I absolutely renounced and abandoned the use of my former Christian name of Augustus and my former surname of Kraushaar, and then assumed and adopted and determined to use and subscribe the name of Albert Henry Crawshaw.

Dated this 26th day of February, 1919.


[The London Gazette 28 February 1919]

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