Charles George McCorkell

 BORN 30 May 1882 in Belfast, Ireland.
 DIED 1972 in Brisbane, Qld.
 BURIED 5 June 1972 in Balmoral Cemetery, Morningside, Qld.
 FATHER John James McCorkell (c1856-1919)
 MOTHER Adelaide Ann Diggory (1861-1886)
 MARRIED Jessie Tunley (1883-1945) on 3 July 1905 at General Registry Office, Brisbane, Qld.

Qld Marriage Record 1905/B003958

McCorkell Charles George &
Jessie Tunley
 CHILDREN   Ronald William McCorkell (1918-1932)
Dorothy Lillian McCorkell (1907-1988)
Clive Tunley McCorkell (1913-2000)
Raymond Charles McCorkell (1910-2001)

Came, with parents, to Australia at age 3 years, arriving in Brisbane on the Duke of Sutherland on 18 October 1885. Thomas Allen is said to have seen to Charles’s education.

A grandson writes:

Charlie first went into primary school teaching and married Jesse Tunley. He was posted to Bauple near Tiaro, south of Maryborough. Charlie was pretty smart and also a perfectionist. He always had to excel in everything and win competitions like the best school garden etc. Because he was like this he had a nervous breakdown and was advised to give the teaching away. In 1918 he transferred into the Tax Dept. This same attitude carried on into the Tax Dept, of course, and he soon climbed to the top of that in Queensland. He became the Commissioner of Taxes for Queensland and concurrently the Federal Deputy Commissioner of Tax. He retired at the age of 65 on 31 May 1948. [2008]

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There is a file in Qld State Archives on Charles as a teacher. There is also a box (no. 56 location REP series SRS 6219-1-438) of documents about him in QSA with dates from 13 Sep 1916 to 6 May 1948.

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