George Thurtell

 BORN 1801 in England.
 DIED 26 July 1848 in gaol in Norwich, England. Link 
 FATHER Thomas Thurtell (1765-1846)
 MOTHER Susanna Browne (1764-1848)
 MARRIED 1 Mary Vincent Edwards on 16 January 1823 in Lakenham.
 MARRIED 2 Adelgatha Stannard (1811-1844) on 18 February 1837 in Buckenham.

Horticulturist. No offspring.

Marriage to Miss Edwards reported in Bury and Norwich Post on 22 Jan 1823. Marriage to Miss Stannard reported in same newspaper on 15 March 1837.

The Australian Journal reported on 12 November 1846:

At the Norwich Sessions, on the 16th March, Mr. Riches, the proprietor of the Norwich News, preferred a bill of indictment against Mr. George Thurtell, of Norwich, for horse-whipping him most severely in the public market-place, on the market day, for having inserted in his newspaper, of the 2nd of that month, the following paragraph amongst the deaths : Thomas Thurtell, Esq., of Horford Hill, aged 88. Mr. Thurtell was an Alderman under the old Corporation, and was father to the infamous John Thurtell, who was executed twenty years ago for the murder of Mr. Weare. Mr. Thurtell admitted the assault, but pleaded the provocation in having his feelings wounded by ripping up a matter which had so long ago occurred. The Court thought the provocation was certainly great, but the law did not authorize such a redress. The sentence was accordingly a fine of one shilling.


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In 1848 Thurtell pleaded guilty to stealing from a house where he was gardener. This lead to a prison sentence of 12 months’ hard labour, during which time Thurtell died.

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