Sarah Browne

 BORN 8 October 1788 at Bradwell, England.
 DIED 28 July 1860 at Kensington reg district, London. Link 
 FATHER Robert Browne (1760-1813)
 MOTHER Sarah Thurtell (c1759-1818)
 MARRIED Edward Thurtell (1794-1852) (her double first cousin) on 1 January 1818 at Gorleston with Southtown, Suffolk.
 CHILDREN   Edward Browne Thurtell (aka Edward Manfed b. 1819 m. 1853 Maria Doubleday Architect, emigrated to Australia)
 Horace Thurtell (b. 1820 died young)
 Herbert Browne Thurtell (aka Herbert Manfred b. 1821 d. 1857 in West Indies. Attended Cambridge Univ. Said to be very wealthy.)
 Arthur Browne Thurtell (b. 1822 died young)
 Francis Browne Thurtell (b. 1823 died young)
 Ann(ie) Browne Thurtell (b. 1824 unmarried)
 Sarah Anne Thurtell (b. 1825)
 Caroline (Carrie) Thurtell (b. 1827 d. 1898 poss married)
 Maria Agnes Thurtell (b. 1828)
 Henry Browne Thurtell (b. 1829 d. 1 Jan 1896 in USA Surgeon m. 1865 Frances Clayton in Kentucky.)
 Charles Browne Thurtell (b. 1831 enlisted in Police Guard, Kentucky during US civil war. Died young?)
 Frankie Thurtell (b. 1835 d. 1837)

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